A Perc What?

As the stumps are removed and off to help save some fish (see previous post), crews are in the process of testing our soil to be sure we are able to build those beautiful new bathrooms and shower houses laid out in the Norcal Adventure Area master plan. The process of testing the soil is called a “perc test.”

What’s a perc test and why do we need to do them when our camp already has bathrooms, you may ask? Continue reading “A Perc What?”

We’re Stumped!

If you’ve been following the progress of the Yuba property, you know that we did a lot of logging this past Autumn. All of the logged trees are long gone and at the mill waiting to become lumber, but left behind are hundreds of stumps–the majority of which are right where we want to construct campsites, buildings, program areas and more.

The removal of the stumps began on July 5th–and it’s a big, big job. But pulling those stumps and roots balls out of the ground with heavy equipment is just the beginning–we were stumped–what the heck are we going to do with all those stumps? Continue reading “We’re Stumped!”

This Old House!

Over the past couple of weeks I joined Chuck Brasfeild and some of his team from the Council Office to do some work getting the residence ready for our new Director of Camping Services, Laura Lovell. A lot of hard work has gone into getting the house ready for Laura and there’s still more to be done! You’ll be hearing from us soon on how you can help by coming up to NCAA to help complete the project of turning “this old house” into a fantastic residence for Laura and her family! Continue reading “This Old House!”

NorCal Adventure Area

The Golden Empire Council, Boy Scouts of America, is the proud owner of an 83-acre property in Yuba County. The Council plans to develop the low altitude camp, the NorCal Adventure Area (or simply “NorCal” for short), over the next few years to serve the more than 16,000 youth in the 16 counties we serve.

The Council plans to relocate its training facilities for both youth and adults to this location offering National Youth Leader Training, Wood Badge, Lifeguard training and much more. On the weekends, the property will also play host to Cub Scout Family Camp and District Camporees. Merit badge programs will also be offered on a periodic basis.

This BLOG, primarily updated by Barry Shurtz, Council Volunteer, is dedicated to keeping everyone in the Council informed on the progress of camp construction projects and other NorCal activities.

If you’re interested in being a guest blogger and writing about your outings and adventures at NorCal please contact Barry Shurtz.