Sometimes it Takes a Village!

By Laura Lovell, Director of Camp and Properties

In our last post, I was telling you about the challenge disassembling and cost effectively moving the massive beams and other climbing wall components from the Van Vleck farm in Rancho Murietta to NorCal.

If we figured out how to do this, our dream of having this climbing and repelling tower as the centerpiece of the NorCal COPE course would become reality!

Sometimes it Takes a Village!

Thankfully Scouter Clark Verkler, and other volunteers, were up to the task of dissembling the structure. Scouter Ken Hazelbaker had some contacts at Hansen Brothers Enterprises and Coast Crane who might be able to help us load and transport the structure to the NorCal property and unload it. Things were looking good!

Over several weeks plans were made and a date was set. The tower was dismantled piece by piece and prepared to be moved. Boom trucks and fork lifts were arranged, and transportation for moving the 45 foot beams, plywood sides and other components was scheduled.

The plans looked great–the boom truck from Coast Crane would be ready to pick up the beams and other components by mid-day on October 26th. Except not all things go according to plan. The dismantling took 7 hours longer than we had anticipated, and that put Mother Lode Van & Storage truck in the middle of rush hour traffic trying to cross Sacramento from Rancho Murietta! So needless to say, we were running way behind schedule…


Hansen Brothers go the ‘Extra Mile’!

Meanwhile, Hansen Brothers, who had provided the equipment to unload material at NorCal were advised of our slips in schedule. No problem! They graciously accommodated as the unloading time slid from 2 pm in the afternoon, to 11 pm that night!

2017-10-26 21.39.30

A HUGE shout-out and THANK YOU to Hansen Brothers, Coast Crane, Mother Lode Van & Storage, and all the volunteers for doing a good turn for our Council–sometimes it takes a village! They can all feel good that the extra time and effort they put into helping get this tower moved will help thousands of youth become good citizens and future leaders.

Over the winter months we will be working to build the underground structure needed to support the tower with the expectation of a Spring project to put it all back together. Because of the amazing work of volunteers, the NorCal property will have its centerpiece COPE program feature ready for use next year, with minimal cost to the Council. We cannot thank everyone involved enough for their generous help!



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