2019 Progress is coming fast!

Our progress at NorCal Adventure Area is moving pretty quickly these days and we wanted to share some updates with you.  If you have not had a chance to visit in a while, you might be surprised by all of the work that has happened and how far we have come in 2019. So let us dive right in!

We have major projects going on for 2019.  They include the construction of the Welcome Center (Camp Office and residence for the Camp Caretaker), construction of the camp access driveway, installation of the site utilities, and so much more.  Sometimes these projects come with other steps that must be done first such as the installation of the power splice vault, the removal of the Adirondacks, and the removal of more trees. In this post, we are going to focus on the progress of the Welcome Center.

Since we last updated you in early May, the walls for the first floor of the Welcome Center are almost complete. The ceiling joists are in and it is almost time for the top floor to be started. Why don’t we take a walk back through the construction pictures to date.



The first few months saw the mammoth walls of the drive-under garage being poured. These 10 foot tall walls are designed to hold up the other two floors of the house and will have a 2 car drive under garage hidden inside along with lots of storage for the occupants. Once the walls were complete, it was time for the first floor construction. The first wall was erected and everything has seemed to move at a fast pace since.

The first floor of the Welcome Center will house a residence for the Camp Caretaker (including a master suite, kitchen/dining/living area, laundry room, and home office) along with the Camp Office for the complex. The Camp Office includes plenty of space for check-in, a restroom, and will be the central hub for our Campmaster program at NorCal.

Construction is almost complete on the first floor of the Welcome Center. As of today, September 11th, there are two walls remaining in the structure and the small utility vehicle storage building needs to be constructed on the sides. A little more concrete (ok – a LOT more concrete) work to be done on the floor inside the garage, the front porch, and the walls of the utility vehicle storage building and it will be time to move on to the 2nd floor.

Make sure to join us soon for updates on the driveway construction and the power splice box to being the utility work at NorCal. Daily updates can be found on our Facebook Page – NorCal Adventure Area.

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