Building Construction Time!

After months of talking about logging, stump removal, grading, seeding etc. we’ve finally made it to building construction time!

Last week the foundation work started on the first of many new buildings–the maintenance building.

2017-10-16 12.41.49

You may be wondering why we chose to construct this building first. The answer is two-fold. First, we wanted to have this building constructed before the others so that we would have a secure place to store the tools and equipment needed as we build out the rest of the camp. Secondly, we needed a place to store camp and program related equipment such as the ATVs, boats, and other program resources. Having these resources on-site will make it much easier for more units to take advantage of the property during construction.

We’re really excited to finally be putting the “hammer to the nail” and are working hard to get this building completed before winter gets too crazy.

Also, you may recall in our last post we introduced the new council drone for taking aerial video footage of construction progress.  We’ve also recently setup a time lapse construction camera so we can more easily keep you apprised of the on-going construction. Below is our first time lapse video showing the start of the foundation work–lots more to come…

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