Uncertain Times, but lots of Progress at NorCal!

Even during these uncertain times, progress is still being made at NorCal–this past Friday a small group of GEC board members held an outdoor Board of Directors meeting to celebrate a number of achievements. With masks on and appropriately spaced camping chairs, the board conducted a ribbon cutting of the new Welcome Center, broke ground on the new Training Center site and conducted the first training related event on the site–a Wood Badge beading for three members of the Beaver Patrol from course WE-47-18-1.

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Spring Open House

This past Sunday we had our first NorCal open house! It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon where a group of around 15 people gathered together over a BBQ lunch to hear an update on where we are in the buildout of NorCal and to learn more about the vision going forward. Continue reading “Spring Open House”

The NorCal Vision

If you’ve been following the NorCal Blog the past 18 months or so you know that most of our posts have been focused on keeping everyone updated on construction-related projects.  In a previous post, Mark Shafer outlined all the key project construction plans for 2018. With that, we thought now would be a great time to update everyone on some of the more strategic aspects of the NorCal Adventure Area. To that end, I’m thrilled to announce that our newest guest blogger is Mike Boggs, the current GEC President. Continue reading “The NorCal Vision”