Progress Update

In our last post, I mentioned that 2018 will be a busy year at NorCal and that I would be having some special guests provide updates on all of the activity. Today I would like to introduce you to our newest guest blogger, Mark Shafer.

Some of you may know Mark, as he is Golden Empire Council’s Vice President of Properties.  By trade, Mark is a construction manager for the nearly 100-year-old construction company, Granite. Mark is bringing his vast knowledge of construction management to NorCal by managing all aspects of the camp’s construction projects. Together with Laura Lovell, our Director of Camp and Properties, and the numerous volunteers on the properties committee, Mark is working hard to help construct a first-class adventure area for our council and community!

Mark also has a long history in Scouting–he is the son of an Eagle Scout, is an Eagle himself and has two Eagle Scout sons. He was also Scoutmaster for Troop 111 in Davis, CA for three years, worked at Philmont and says one of his biggest thrills was going to Northern Tier.

Welcome to the BLOG Mark, and thank you for everything you’re doing to help build NorCal!

Barry Shurtz, NorCal BLOG Administrator & Council Volunteer

NorCal Construction Progress Update, by Mark Shafer

As you know by reading this blog, we have a lot of great things happening at NorCal. I’m excited to be able to give everyone in the council an update on where we are today and what our plans are for the remainder of 2018. We are to a point in the construction and development of the camp that we have many, many moving parts. We’re currently developing a network analysis diagram (see photo above of first rough draft) to help us better determine dependencies and to minimize delays that are inherent in all large development projects like this.

Here’s what’s on our plate for 2018:

  • Roadways and installation of infrastructure
    • Mastication of right-of-way is complete
    • A Design Engineer is completing grading design of the roadway and we are soliciting quotes to mass grade the right-of-way for the roadway
    • Our plan is to mass grade right-of-way for the camp loop road in Q3
  • Pond
    • Our plan is to begin construction in Q3. There are a number of infrastructure considerations that need to be resolved before this work can begin.
  • Build the Welcome Center
    • Rough grading for the foundation is complete
    • Currently obtaining permits for construction to begin
  • Build the Storage Building
    • Rough grading is complete (see the time-lapse video of this work)
    • Building components are on-site and foundation work has begun
    • The building will be completed by the end of Q2
    • Final grading and fencing targeted for completion in early Q3
  • Pull the permits for the Pavilions, Bath Houses and Training Center
    • Thanks to our architects and consultants, the drawings for the Pavilions and Bath Houses are substantially complete and final changes are being incorporated.
    • Drawings for the Training Center are currently in the works
    • The plan is to submit for permits by 9/1/18

The site for the Welcome Center:


The site for the Storage Building:


We’ll keep you apprised of any updates here on the blog, stay tuned.


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