Moving Dirt, Lots of Dirt, for the New Storage Building Site

In our last post we mentioned that we have lost our storage facility in Sacramento and have decided it would be best to have our own building on our own property–NorCal fits the bill perfectly! The site for new storage building will be adjacent to the existing maintenance and shop building.

We broke ground a couple of weeks ago, and just as we had to do for the maintenance building we had to move a ton of dirt to make the building site level.

You might be wondering where all the dirt is going. If you’ve been out to NorCal since the maintenance building was constructed you will have noticed a large berm, really a dirt wall, paralleling Oregon Hill Rd running NW. We are using the dirt from the current project to build a similar dirt wall running along Oregon Hill Rd in the SE direction. The wall will provide the camp a lot of privacy and will also help keep scouts away from the road.

Check out our latest time-lapse video below of the heavy machinery moving lots of earth to make the site level and suitable for building. Personally I found the process quite fascinating. It’s quite deceptive how much dirt is being moved and leveled.

We’ve got lots more to come, the blog will start getting busy here again for the summer, and we will be having some special guest bloggers helping out–stay tuned!



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