Construction begins again!

Now that we’re getting out of March, things are starting to dry out and we can start construction at NorCal once again!


Starting this week, work has started again on the Training Center. They are digging out the footings for the foundations and should have those done very soon. Our contractor is hopeful that we should have the building complete by the end of April. This will be an amazing resource for programming and training for the Scouters in our area and we are excited to see it coming together. More pictures and videos to come!


The Welcome Center is in the final stages of completion. We need to get a few more items done before we can get them officially signed off but things are looking great. Most notably, we could use an electrician to help us get the office of the Welcome Center up and running. If you know anyone that could help, please contact Greg Anderson at 435-799-5308 or Once this building is permitted by the state, the Welcome Center Office will serve as an important place for campers to receive customer service and for camp leaders to run the administrative parts of their camp.


While it’s not the most glamourous part of construction, utilities are the backbone of camp. The same day we started construction on the building this week, a separate crew began work on our electric, sewage, water, and fire lines that will make our new building work. They will be focusing first on getting the sections that have to do with making the Training Center operational and will branch out after that. So far, they have begun digging holes for water and septic tanks and have begun to dig the trenches for the lines to go through. While this project may take longer than the Training Center construction, it should wrap up this summer.


There are a lot of great things on the horizon for NorCal. We are currently in the process of working out some of the details and funding for the pond and a new bathroom/shower complex. This will not only allow us to bring in some new program opportunities but it will help make camp more accessible for the new Scouting families we’ll be getting in the fall. We’ll keep you updated as we get closer.


The movement of the development of camp has been an amazing process to see. We are excited to have Scouts and leaders up here to enjoy this amazing location. To make this better for them, as well as to help logistics along, we could use some volunteer help. As mentioned before, we need an electrician to help us with the Welcome Center. In addition to that, we also need help with some other things around camp. Here are a couple of projects we could use some help on:

  • Painting/Minor Repairs in the Welcome Center
  • Help in Organizing Tools and Equipment in the Maintenance Building
  • Debris Removal in the Central Area
  • Cleaning help for the Kitchen and Warehouse

We are very excited for all these changes at this property. This will be a world-class facility we can be proud of. We will post another update for you next week!

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