We have footings!

Hey all,

Just a quick update for you on the construction going on at NorCal Adventure Area. For those of you not familiar with the property, NorCal is our newest camp in this area. It’s located in Dobbins, which is about 30 miles from both Marysville and Grass Valley. In the past, the high elevation of our other camps have limited the amount of time we can have large activities and trainings in the mountains because of snow. NorCal is going to be a wonderful home to a lot of really fun activities like Woodbadge and Cub activities. If you would like to read more about the vision of this property, please click here to download the Vision book.

We’re really excited for what is in store at NorCal and for everything that has been done thus far!

Right now, we have two big projects going on at the property- the construction of the Training Center and the camp utilities.


This is going to be where we will be holding a lot of large trainings like Woodbadge and NYLT. The building itself is patterned after one of the training centers at Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico. It’s going to have 2 main large training rooms as well as an office/storage area.

Right now, the footings are being poured for the foundation. The construction company we are working with hopes that we will have the steel structure of the building done by the end of the month and the interior of the building will be finished in July.


While utilities may not seem like the most fun feature, it’s important to have them in place for everything we will be doing in the future. Rather than do the process piecemeal, we are putting in the main lines all at once. This includes water, electric, and fire lines. To start us off, the crew is digging a trench on the inside of the circular camp road. Once they get that done, they will be installing the new water tanks near the spring and will be working to install a septic system for the Training Center.

As you can see from my poorly drawn map here, they have almost completed the main trenches around camp, as well as lines going toward our new bathrooms and campsite pavilions!

There’s lots of movement going on up here and we’re excited to see you and your family here at camp!

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