Another Great Year at NorCal

Hey all! Greetings from snowy higher elevations!

It’s been a while since our last blog post but things have been moving along nicely at camp! I wanted to take a second to walk you through all the exciting things happening at NorCal Adventure area this year!

NYLT Academy

One of the most amazing things that has happened for the property is that NorCal Adventure Area has been chosen as a new host for NYLT Academy as their West Coast home! This national training has been offered at the Summit and at Philmont and will only be hosted in four locations next year! We are excited to be a part of this expansion of program and look forward to all that it brings to the property! If you have any youth that would like to register they can go to

The Training Center

Speaking of training… the training center is nearly complete! The exterior shell is done, as is the interior framing, and some of the utility work. We are in the process of working with a new construction company to finish the interior of the building. This will include insulation, electricity, plumbing, and drywall. This company will be donating time and resources so that we can make this building a reality. We’re grateful to have so many local people who love Scouting!

We look forward to all the events and trainings we will hold in this building, starting this summer!

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