NorCal has Some new Pads!

With all the stumps gone and the Perc tests completed, the construction crew has been hard at work moving a ton of dirt around! They are preparing and leveling the ground and making “pads” for the first four buildings sites which include the maintenance building, the training center and the first campsites.

The first building to be completed will be the maintenance building. With the “Pad” now ready to go, we should see foundation work begin in September. The building will be located to the left as you enter the camp (up the road a couple of hundred yards or so). This site required moving a lot of dirt as it is located on a hillside. The extra dirt was used to create a barrier wall, or “burm” between NorCal and Oregon Hill Road (see photos).

It’s amazing to start seeing NorCal come to life. From this point on, the progress will be even more exciting. Stay tuned and don’t forget the NorCal Adventure Area is open for business during construction–get up there and enjoy it!


2 Replies to “NorCal has Some new Pads!”

  1. I know the scouts have to bring their own drinking water, but are there restroom facilities still here?

  2. Hello Harriette – Indeed there are existing restrooms as well as water, bunk houses, a pool and kitchen facilities (if needed). Contact the camping department for more information.

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