Past Presidents BBQ at NorCal

On Wednesday evening the annual Past Presidents BBQ Dinner was held for the first time at the NorCal Adventure Area in the outdoor dining hall. A number of our past presidents and other guests were in attendance to not only enjoy a fantastic barbecue steak dinner, but also get an update from Scout Executive Chuck Brasfeild, on the “state of the union” for the Golden Empire Council, and of course, NorCal!

The attendees were also given detailed presentations from members of the NorCal Vision Committee on the vision of the camp and the current status of construction. But the night didn’t end there! Both a walking tour and ATV tour were given to everyone after dinner so they could see first hand the beauty of the property and get a better feel for what they had heard in the presentations. A member of the Vision Committee was stationed at each of the four sites that were part of the tour to explain what they were seeing:

  • Campsites and Bathhouse locations 1 and 2
  • Campsites and Bathhouse locations 3 and 4
  • The Maintenance Building site
  • The Training Building site

There were a number of “ah-ha” moments during the tour. The idea of having all the campsites – and other buildings such as the training center – circling the top of the main camp all looking down with views of the central camp really started to resonate. Many attendees got very interested about the potential of this year-around adventure area and became excited to do what they can to help make the NorCal vision become reality!

We plan to do more of these kind of tours in the future for others who might be interested in helping accelerate the development of NorCal–stay tuned.

2 Replies to “Past Presidents BBQ at NorCal”

  1. The Planning Committee from the Tri-County Women’s Camp would love to attend your next tour. We are so excited about the new changes!

  2. Hi Rene,
    We’d love to give your group a tour! Stay tuned, I’ll get back in touch. Probably later this Fall.

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