Lots of Progress–Mostly Behind the Scenes

It was a busy summer for NorCal, but a lot of it was behind the scenes work by many hard-working volunteers and staff. From the onset, our plan was to build a first-class camp and adventure area that could be enjoyed by not only our council but the surrounding communities. And what comes with that is a little bureaucracy with the county and a lot of architectural and engineering planning by us. Here’s a snapshot of what we’ve been up to the past couple of months:

Plans and Permits:

Welcome Center

Plans have been submitted to the county for the Welcome Center. We have already begun the initial work on that project by completing the excavation for the garage and foundations (see below). We plan to begin the excavation for the footings the first week of November.  This will be our next major construction project.



We’ve also submitted building plans to get approvals and permits for 8 pavilions and bathhouses (each campsite will have a pavilion and share a bathhouse). Once we pull the permits for these we will have two years to complete the work—great incentive to get a lot of work done over the next 24 months.

Training Center

Coordination of the structural, architectural and site plans for the training center in preparation of submitting them for permits is on-going. The training center will be the first major construction project for 2019 and is a key feature of NorCal. We’ll be having another guest blogger, who has been instrumental in the design of the training center, provide more details. Stay tuned!

Lake NorCal

Landscape and lake design is underway and initial logging work has just started to clear the area where we plan to construct Lake NorCal. The next step is a geotechnical investigation to determine the suitability of the existing soils to construct the dam and lake bed.

Roadway and Related Infrastructure

  • The fire and domestic water plan have been completed. We’re now working with the fire marshal to determine where fire water lines should be located.
  • We’re working on surveys and plans for the grading of all the new roadways
  • Supplies and parts have been ordered so we can begin to construct the approved electrical grid.

Stay tuned as all this planning and permitting turns into real action. Barry will be setting up the camera gear soon to begin filming the construction of the Welcome Center.


Mark Shafer.

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