NYLT at NorCal! by Noah Yeung

NYLT (National Youth Leadership Training) was held at NorCal this summer and we wanted to share with everyone how it went. Thanks to our guest blogger, the NYLT Scribe, Noah Yeung.

NYLT was a blast! Both staff and participants got along very well, and by the end of the week we were all able to work as one team striving to success. I am very proud of all that we were able to learn and accomplish. Participants learned a plethora of skills including the EDGE (explain, demonstrate, guide, and enable) method, EAR (express, address, resolve), ROPE (reach out, organize, practice, experience), good communication skills, and the importance of valuing people just to name a few.

Having the course at NorCal was perfect because it allowed us to do all these activities with little to no obstacles. Presentations went smoothly with our portable screen, and there was enough space for the participants to sit in their seats. Other activities like the geocaching challenges and the various team building games that we played worked well at NorCal because the campgrounds were big enough to support them. As for meals, the tables offered enough space for the participants to eat in their patrols along with staff members that they could invite. The tables also had enough room to put pots and pans on top of that were needed to cook the Philmont style backpacking meals. Finally, the assembly area where flags were held every day was perfect. We were able to fit all the patrols at the troop assembly area, and staff on the stage, where everyone could see the flags, and hear announcements. Same goes for the campfire bowl, where everyone was able to perform skits and songs.  

Overall, I really enjoyed having NYLT at NorCal Adventure Area, as it suited all of our needs and offered us plenty of space to complete the course, and I think that all of the participants liked the camp as well.

Check out our video!


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