A Big Beautiful Mess

During a kitchen remodel when things got a bit messy, my contractor once told me “in order to make an omelet you have to crack some eggs.” We’re definitely “cracking some eggs” at NorCal, but just as those cracked eggs eventually become a beautiful and delicious omelet, NorCal will become a gorgeous state-of-the-art camp and adventure area!

The big beautiful mess at NorCal right now is due to the logging activity to clear the way for “Lake NorCal.” The following photo depicts where the lake will be located (green shaded area). As you can see the current swimming pool area will be at the bottom of the lake and the dam will be built up the ravine behind the pool house. As you can see from the contours on the map, most of the area where the lake will be is a natural water runoff area so very little man-made “shaping” will need to take place.

Whole Map with adjustment of THP line copy 2018-11-09 07-49-16

To give you an even better visual, check out the short aerial video of the area where the lake will be.

In addition to the logging, the work on the visitor center is underway. Stay tuned for the next blog post on details of this project!

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