Brrr….it’s Cold, but Spring is Around the Corner!

UPDATE March 2 :

We would like to address some comments to this post about the removal of the existing pool and replacing it with a lake.

While this change will indeed affect those camp users that currently use the pool as is, the pool is not a part of the property that we can maintain over time in a way that is consistent with the Vision Plan for the camp – financially or programmatically.

The existing pool needs significant repair, and costs thousands of dollars and many hours of personnel time to stay usable but offers little in the way of an overall waterfront experience.  The lake will provide swimming, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, and will also be more aesthetically aligned with the new layout of that main area of camp.  It also offers increased water resource for fire control, with access for fire trucks not just for the NorCal property but to be used for surrounding Cal Fire needs.

The council is consciously delaying the conversion project until after this summer’s planned use by existing pool users and are happy to provide more information on how the new lake will be an even better option for everyone for water recreation in the future.


It’s been mighty cold up here at NorCal, in fact it just snowed! However, there is proof that Spring is just around the corner–springtime is the land awakening, and as you can see in this short video the land is indeed awakening here at camp!

You may recall a blog post from back in November titled Hydro What? The primary reason it’s so green in camp right now (well, it’s currently under a bit of snow) is due to the success of the hydro seeding project we completed in the Fall.

The land is not the only thing awakening at NorCal. With Spring just around the corner we’re planning and starting new construction projects for 2018. With the Maintenance Building essentially done (note the building in the background of the photo at the top of this page, left side) we’re now able to begin construction on a number important projects:


  • Road. The road that will eventually circle the entire camp should be completed this year. The initial phase of this project is being done as we speak using a tractor equipped with massive cutting blades (often called a macerator) that eats through brush and small trees clearing the way for grading. See it in action here:

  • Electrical. We are working with PG&E on a number of projects. We will be building our own “electrical grid” that will supply power to the entire camp. As part of this project the PG&E wires running through camp will be buried.
  • Water. Water pipes will be installed and buried in each of the new camp and building site area. In addition, fire protection “hydrants” will be installed.


The next major building to be constructed will the the Welcome Center/Camp residence. This building will serve two purposes:

  • The Welcome Center will be the NorCal office used for all official camp related business activities
  • The building will also be home for the GEC Director of Camp and Properties. The current building used for this purpose is extremely old and very dilapidated (and cold!).  The current building will be destroyed and removed from its current location.

Lastly, one project we are very excited about that has not been discussed publicly is the swimming pool. The pool is in disrepair and is very difficult to maintain and keep clean. After much consideration it was decided we will be removing the pool and building a lake in its place! A natural spring runs right through the area the pool is currently located so creating a lake will not be extremely difficult. Plans with professional “lake builders” are underway. Now, in addition to swimming, campers will be able to partake in many more waterfront activities without having to drive to one of the nearby lakes.

Much more detail on all of these projects to come over the Spring and Summer months.

Stay tuned, 2018 will be another exciting year at NorCal! Don’t forget to come up and enjoy it now.

P.S. This is what all that green grass looked liked yesterday after the snow!




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