Things are Hopping at NorCal!

As we mentioned in our last post, this Spring is going to be a busy one at NorCal, and the action has begun! There are a few projects in the works, including:

Road Building

If you’re a regular reader of this blog you know that our plans call for building a road that circles the entire camp. With the recent macerator work and some further timber work currently being done, we’re making some progress on this project. The area around the camp that the road will be on has now been marked by our civil engineer and he is working to place it on the site plan for future planning of the camp water and electrical infrastructure.

A few specifics: the road will be a total length of 4,250 linear feet, a little over three-quarters of a mile. Upon entering the camp and heading West, the road will be one-way with access to all the campsites. The Eastern portion of the road will be two-way providing access to the fire tower and future Training Center.

Storage Building

The bad news: you may have heard that we are losing our storage facility in Sacramento. The good news: the Golden Empire Council Board of Directors have approved to have a new storage building built at NorCal! This building will be built adjacent to the recently completed maintenance building.

A few specifics: the storage building will match the look of the maintenance building and will be 4000 square feet in size, slightly smaller than the maintenance building. It is going to be placed in an L shape off the north west side of the maintenance building.

We will be setting up our time-lapse camera again so we can all watch the building come to life!

Welcome Center

In addition to the newly approved storage building, the site preparation and building pad work has also begun for the new welcome center and house. Many more details about this building to come in future blog posts.

Electrical Transformer and Switching Station

While we have crews out with the heavy equipment, they will also be preparing the site for the new electrical equipment infrastructure that will support the electrical needs of the camp.

Project Videos and Pictures

Thanks to Laura Lovell for taking some video and snapping some photo’s of all this action in my absence.

As you can see, we’re going full steam ahead to get the necessary core infrastructure in place so we can start building out the rest of your camp and adventure area–stay tuned to keep up to date on all these projects, and more!

NorCal Adventure Area Master Plan:

Setzer Scouting Base
Note: some changes have been made which are not reflected in this diagram

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