New Year Progress!

The closing weeks of 2018 sure turned out to be busy here at NorCal, and 2019 is starting with a bang!

Lake NorCal

In our last post, we gave you a birdseye view of the logging work to make way for the new lake. Since then lots of additional work has been done including the digging of “test pits” which will tell us what’s happening underneath all that dirt (soil type, water tables, etc). The results from the test pits help us better understand exactly how the lake can be “architected”, cut-in and dammed off. We’ll be moving additional dirt from the area of campsite #3 (see video) to use for dam building. This is going to be an awesome addition to NorCal!

Photos: Test Pits

Visitor Center

The footings for the Visitor Center have been poured! This is obviously the first step in the construction process. Work will continue as permitted by the weather with a completion date slated for mid 2019!

Photos: Visitor Center Footings

Camp Loop Road

We were able to sneak in a lot of work on the camp loop road that will ring the entire camp. We didn’t think we were going to be able to get this in before winter but to our surprise, a lot of rough grading progress was made. This road will provide access to campsites, bathhouses, activities areas and parking. The road will also provide easy access to fire suppression systems and utilities.

Photos: Camp Loop Road

Check out the post and detailed pictures on the NorCal Facebook page!

Video: Lake NorCal and Partial Roadwork

We look forward to sharing all the exciting progress at NorCal in 2019–Happy New Year to all!

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