Spring is Here at NorCal…

…well it was for a minute anyway, looks like more rain on and off for the next couple of weeks!

Yes, it’s been a wet winter but if you’ve been following the NorCal Facebook page you know that in-between storms some work has been happening.

With that work, the wet weather and Spring around the corner it was time once again to start hydroseeding some of the impacted areas. See our post from last Spring for more about Hydroseeding!

Welcome Center

In-between storms we were able to complete some of the main footings for the Welcome Center. Up next are footings for the camp office, the residence home office, and the front porch. As soon as mother nature cooperates it will be full steam ahead and in no time it should start looking more like a building than a hole in the ground. It will be fun to watch the Welcome Center start coming to life this year!

Camp Loop Road

As we discussed in our last post, the majority of the rough grading of the road around the camp was completed last Fall. Next up we’ll be completing that and taking the next pass going from rough to “not so rough” to prepare for gravel and paving in the future.


In addition to the Welcome Center and additional road work, more infrastructure projects will commence including water systems/lines and completing NorCal’s own electrical grid. We’re working within the restrictions of PG&E’s timeline to complete that project.

Infrastructure, so boring! What about something fun? How about a lake!

Lake NorCal

The final landscape architecture plan is nearing completion and that includes what the final layout of the lake will look like. Our grading contractor “built” a lake at a nearby Christain camp called Woodleaf. A few people on the Lake NorCal project visited the site last week…

…now imagine if you can, that this area of NorCal…


…will eventually look something similar to this!

Exciting times ahead! Stay tuned–as the sun starts shining more we’ll be keeping you updated on all of this year’s progress at your camp and adventure area.


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