Boom! …and lots of dust

Do you have 45 seconds to spend? If so, watch this video of one of the final trees coming down at NorCal Adventure Area.

Why more trees? This is a small select cut that is removing all of the trees that are damaged and diseased. It also will remove the few trees that are remaining that are in the path of the road/utility work that is ready to be started. Once these trees are gone, the final rocking of the culverts will happen and we will be able to close out our timber harvest plan. It really was a matter of not being able to see the trees for the forest and now that the road is rough graded, it is much easier to see the final trees that must be cut.

We still have a ton of shade available and most of the Adirondack buildings that we will be producing this winter will be placed in the shade as well. The vision of the big activity field, playground, lake and more is really coming to life. Soon we will be able to break up the concrete pads left from our removal of the big bunkhouses as well as the storage building that remains in the center of camp.

The changes are moving forward quickly and like an amazing sculpture, each layer of excess removed allows the vision to come to life. Can you see it in your mind’s eye? Reality is not far behind.

What’s next? National Youth Leadership Training has its final weekend for the year this Friday. Join us Friday for a post on this amazing program and how our facility is helping to train the leaders of tomorrow.

Capping the Welcome Center

The ridge beam went in for the upper floor of the Welcome Center today. All of those rooms, so many walls, so much framing done, but with that one long beam, the whole thing suddenly comes together in a way that is hard to describe.

Almost magically, it looks like a home. A residence for caretakers for now and into the future. You can see the back porch area where friends will no doubt be invited over to share a hamburger while relaxing in the beauty of the NorCal Adventure Area. Both offices (residence and camp office) will have their ridge work in place soon. With a little luck, Mother Nature will let it stay dry just long enough to get the last walls done and the roofing on in the next 14 days.

For an idea of how much difference 24 hours can make, here is a photograph yesterday from the front of the house without the ridge beam.

Here we see the front porch with its entry door to the right for the residence. The master suite is on the left with the living room windows on the right. This side of the house faces Oregon Hill Road. The bedrooms upstairs are almost completely framed and there are more walls in place today that were not there yesterday when this picture was snapped. This beautiful building has been difficult with its unique framing. Each bedroom has different sized and angled walls making it a challenge to frame quickly. But now we are so close.

What else is going on? Yesterday and today saw loads of rock coming in for the culverts where we have water going under our camp loop drive/road. Our logging company is also gearing up to take out the last of the trees needed to complete the road areas and to protect our buildings. Next week we hope to have more pictures of these great events while they occur. Good weather willing…..

Welcome Center Update

Building can sometimes feel like paint drying as you wait for permits, ordered materials, etc. But when it is going well, it is always like magic how fast things come together. Since our last update two weeks ago, we now see the camp office and the 2nd floor of the Welcome Center coming to life. This post is short and sweet and just to show you our progress as we get ready to welcome National Youth Leadership Training this weekend.

The camp office end of the Welcome Center. This office will serve as the check in and out point for all of our camp activities. Around to the left is the back porch of the residence.

Here are a few pictures of the upstairs rooms for the residence. The walls are going up quickly. Hopefully we will have pictures of the roof for you in our next update!

Spring Open House

This past Sunday we had our first NorCal open house! It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon where a group of around 15 people gathered together over a BBQ lunch to hear an update on where we are in the buildout of NorCal and to learn more about the vision going forward. Continue reading “Spring Open House”