Things are Hopping at NorCal!

As we mentioned in our last post, this Spring is going to be a busy one at NorCal, and the action has begun! There are a few projects in the works, including:

Road Building

If you’re a regular reader of this blog you know that our plans call for building a road that circles the entire camp. With the recent macerator work and some further timber work currently being done, we’re making some progress on this project. The area around the camp that the road will be on has now been marked by our civil engineer and he is working to place it on the site plan for future planning of the camp water and electrical infrastructure.

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Brrr….it’s Cold, but Spring is Around the Corner!

UPDATE March 2 :

We would like to address some comments to this post about the removal of the existing pool and replacing it with a lake.

While this change will indeed affect those camp users that currently use the pool as is, the pool is not a part of the property that we can maintain over time in a way that is consistent with the Vision Plan for the camp – financially or programmatically.

The existing pool needs significant repair, and costs thousands of dollars and many hours of personnel time to stay usable but offers little in the way of an overall waterfront experience.  The lake will provide swimming, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, and will also be more aesthetically aligned with the new layout of that main area of camp.  It also offers increased water resource for fire control, with access for fire trucks not just for the NorCal property but to be used for surrounding Cal Fire needs.

The council is consciously delaying the conversion project until after this summer’s planned use by existing pool users and are happy to provide more information on how the new lake will be an even better option for everyone for water recreation in the future.


It’s been mighty cold up here at NorCal, in fact it just snowed! However, there is proof that Spring is just around the corner–springtime is the land awakening, and as you can see in this short video the land is indeed awakening here at camp! Continue reading “Brrr….it’s Cold, but Spring is Around the Corner!”

New Year, New Building!

Happy New Year to everyone!

It’s been a while since our last update, however during the holiday break much progress has been made on NorCal’s first new construction project, the Maintenance Building. In fact, it’s nearly completed! Final work is being done as we speak–interior walls, electrical, lighting and plumbing.

As you will see from this final time-lapse video, this is a massive building that will not only store program equipment and supplies, but will also house a completely stocked shop with all the tools and equipment necessary to start building out the rest of your camp.

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Past Presidents BBQ at NorCal

On Wednesday evening the annual Past Presidents BBQ Dinner was held for the first time at the NorCal Adventure Area in the outdoor dining hall. A number of our past presidents and other guests were in attendance to not only enjoy a fantastic barbecue steak dinner, but also get an update from Scout Executive Chuck Brasfeild, on the “state of the union” for the Golden Empire Council, and of course, NorCal! Continue reading “Past Presidents BBQ at NorCal”